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Anne Rishard

Creative Director

“Krista takes challenging assignments that involve extensive research and completely surpasses my expectations every time. She sets the bar very high for both quality and quick turnaround time, and always keeps me updated on her progress.”

“Krista brings professionalism to every assignment. She makes the entire process so seamless that it makes working with her a breeze. She’s totally transformed our website by updating our product descriptions which has led to an increase in our online sales by 20%”
Anne M.
“Krista is an exceptional writer who has the ability to turn a brief into a work of art! She never disappoints and we’ve consistently seen exceptional engagement on the content she’s created for us.”
Chris E.
“I’ve developed a wonderful partnership with Krista over the past 2 years. She has helped me pitch and win clients and has become an integral part of the team. I would be lost without her!”
Bruno D.
“My experience working with Krista has been incredibly positive. She always delivers her assignments on time and her work seldom requires any edits or revisions. She has my recommendation!”
Diana L.
“If you’re looking to grow your audience through content, Krista is your go-to resource! She has proven that she knows how to write engaging content and on top of that knows how to deliver real results!”
Damian J.
“I am constantly impressed by Krista’s work ethic and ability to write outstanding speeches. I often speak at conferences and require Krista’s help ghostwriting my speeches. She knocks it out of the park every time”
Cynthia S.